WWDC17 – expert views

WWDC17 – expert views

WWDC17 is under way. The highly anticipated and biggest Apple’s developer event is taking place between 05 – 09 June. Annually it gathers thousand of attendees from over 70 countries across the world impatiently waiting for all the latest news, updates and releases from Apple. Every year it creates lots of buzz and endless predictions. And emotions are always high even if this year, accordingly to CNET the next iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and a rumoured 10-year anniversary special edition iPhone won’t be announced at WWDC but later this autumn.

Technical press reactions

Here is our selection of announcements and key experts and technical press reactions.

  • Moving focus

Accordingly to TechCrunch, this year is a bit different with Apple moving away from mainly software focus instead covering software, devices and even offering a sneaky peak of their roadmap. Could it be due to the fact that although all of Apple’s operating systems will be updated this time around, it will be a small scale with a few specific features only? Or is Apple trying to prove their hardware today is still as exciting and innovative as their first Macs?

Accordingly to Forrester’s, veteran technology industry analyst, “Apple’s announcements were focused on reassuring developers that Apple is still in the game of providing tools to reach consumers.” Frank Gillett, Mobile Marketing Magazine

  • iOS11 – beta available in a few weeks, full release in autumn

Although new iOS11 has been unveiled the official public beta won’t be available for a few weeks. But what caught press attention so far?

–       “iOS 11 is making it easier to get rid of apps you don’t use anymore. A new “offload unused apps” setting will automatically get rid of apps you don’t use while preserving documents and data you may need should you want to use the app again”, Mashable

–       “Apple is finally making it easier to type on the go”, Mashable seem excited with one-handed keyboard mode for iPhones with iOS 11. It can be activated by holding down the emoji key as a result compressing the keyboard to one side of your screen.

–       “I’ll Venmo you” – Apple announced an interesting but not completely new on the market person-to-person payments within iMessage. It’s a part of its Apple Pay and it will allow to send money to friends and family and even strangers,  Mashable

–  And the last one that might feel insignificant but we feel it will come handy. With the new OS users will be have automatic Wi-Fi log-ins between iOS 11 devices. So “You’ll never have to ask your friends for their Wi-Fi passwords”.

  • App store – a complete redesign

It’s been nine years since Apple first introduced the App Store. Today it has 500 million weekly visitors and 180 billion app downloads. Last year the changes introduced were focussed around App Store categories, the auto-renewable subscription offer via in-app purchase and revenue sharing model. This year App Store receives a complete redesigned, making it looks more like Apple News, with bog focus on content, text and messages. In-app purchases can be put directly on the App Store, so users don’t have to dig into the app to find them.

  • Siri – smarter, better sounding polyglot  

“Siri understands context, your interests, and how you use your device”, said Craig Federighi. “What Siri learns about you on device is kept synced across all of your devices and kept completely private, readable on all of your devices”, Mashable

Thanks to added deep learning Siri sounds more natural too. And Siri will also be able to translate between English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with more languages coming (all of this currently in beta testing).

Women in tech

And last but not least. This is actually our favorite news that came our way from California. Michelle Obama, who attended one of the conferences at WWDC17,  spoke about the role of women in tech and her views very were clear.

“You’re missing out on my money unless you include more women”, CNBC

We’re big ambassadors when it comes to diversity in the tech sector (have you seen our Women in code initiative?) and we’re happy to hear this strong encouragement. Here are a few more stats as a reminder. Accordingly to Apple’s website, only 32% of their employees worldwide are women. And the rest of the sector follows: in a StackOverflow survey of 64,000 developers this year, 88.6% were male.


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