Will robots run our future?

Will robots run our future?

“Have your robot talk to my robot”

Our lives are managed by little portable machines carried in our pockets. Relying on tech gadgets has has become normality. Some cannot live without customer services run by bots. Technology revolution is speeding up in front of our eyes and with every blink a new innovative service is popping up somewhere across the globe. Accordingly to the Moore’s law: “For a given price, computer power doubles every year.”

Digital transformation is unstoppable. Some say that shifts happen slowly… then instantly. But what does it all mean for our daily lives? Will we be taken over my machines?

The 2017 Tipping Point: AI

Let’s take Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an example. By many it’s considered as 2017’s key trend. We all heard about it but what does it really mean? AI is intelligence exhibited by machines or in other words it’s an area of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Does it mean that robots are taking over? Do we rely on them even without realising it? Are they already irreplaceable?

  • Ever forgetting to switch the lights off at home?  Today your house can be managed, monitored and served by Amazon Alexa. Want to know the weather forecast or the latest news? You can ask a question and a tiny brain hidden in a Pringles tube shaped box, will give you an answer.
  • Are you pacing around trying to keep your kids busy? Your CogniToys Dino powered by IBM’s Watson is here to help you out when you’re running out of ideas.
  • Do you ever wonder how the beer you’re just drinking has been transported to you? If you live in the US, it might have been brought to you by a driverless track from Budweiser.
  • Often browsing online for a last minute outfit? Soon you might see a drone delivery landing in your back garden with your online delivery.
  • Trying to meet for a coffee meeting with a prospect? Could Amy – a personal assistant robot powered by AI help? Could she talk to a robot of your prospect to speed the process up and liberate you from lengthy email exchanges? Have your robot talk to my robot!

Scary or fascinating? Can the revolution be stopped? Will humans be able to keep their jobs? When you wonder whether AI is going to replace relationships or simply help us by taking over low brain and time consuming tasks, don’t allow yourself for lengthy reflections.

Keeping the pace with computer power

Don’t repeat the Kodak mistake! If you see a new emerging, disruptive technology that you fear might kill you, it will in fact kill you! Never stop reevaluating and learning from today’s innovation. Those who don’t reflect, drown and become MeatPuppets!

** This blog has been written based on a fascinating keynote presentation from Ben Hammersley (during the Rakuten Marketing London Symposium 2017), a very charismatic Technologist from the Wired Magazine. Thank you for inspiring us!