Why is a mobile event app a must have? A few reasons why based on our App of the month

Why is a mobile event app a must have? A few reasons why based on our App of the month


Digital content on top of your event checklist

Going mobile is on everybody’s mind. Digital content and apps have been tried and tested in nearly every sector and business department. And today they’ve also became an indispensable tool for event organisers. But there are too many apps and we’re going through apps discoverability crisis you might say?

Targeted and with added value

A well-known automotive group understood the needs of their partners and sales teams and decided to offer them an event e-publication as a part of their internal comms and B2B strategy. They knew their personas and what makes them tick:
– they were often working on the go
– they were incentives driven
– they were using multiple mobile devices
– physical event gadgets and promos were not cutting through

Therefore they chose to use interactive digital content to promote and incentivise a group of sales teams and their partners invited to take part in an annual sales programme with a trip to Australia as a prize. A functional marketing app was a solution to easily promote their annual gathering in a fun, convenient and interactive way.

And as a value add, they peppered the app with useful event details such as visually stunning and informative content about the event destination Australia. So the winners could forget not only about old fashioned paper event invitations or programmes but also maps and guides needed to find their way around the land of kangaroos.

Mobile app for event can be easily done and affordable – crushing the myths

But why an app? There are many myths stopping marketers from using mobile content:

My event is small – do I really need complex, big tech to run it?

Yes, the automotive client understood that even a small scale gathering can bring a big ROI especially if it’s aimed at sales professionals driven by incentives, winners’ celebrations and the feeling of pride. And the mobile apps with it’s engagement mechanics, push notifications and in app analytics can deliver exactly that.

My budget is tiny – I cannot afford expensive coding and app development

Today’s innovative mobile software solutions offer high level quality of digital content with an affordable price ticket. Advanced technology provides all in one, templated content and authoring tools so businesses can reuse existing event documents and distribute cross-device.

My timings are tight – I don’t have enough time to develop e-publishing content

And all of this can be done fast with no developers and coding time. With real time changes run in house when needed due to flexible and user application friendly management tools and user interface available in Next Gen apps.

Why Aquafadas?

This is where the Aquafadas digital publishing tools came handy. With a recommendation from digital agencies working with the client (Stich and River) our digital publishing software was chosen and became a base for the event mobile publication.

“Aquafadas offers various price levels so it’s something we can offer on a smaller scale or to clients with lesser budgets. Their solutions include easy to create issues that are engaging and interactive for the viewer on their tablet device”, Steven Biseker, Design & Production Director, Stich