Wave Magazine 11 – digital news sprinkled with interactive features

Wave Magazine 11 – digital news sprinkled with interactive features

The new edition of our interactive magazine is ready! If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a fun digital publication available for iOS and Android users (for smartphone and tablet) full of interesting bite-size mobile and tech news sprinkled with some Aquafadas related information. But that’s not all. It’s also a showcase of a range of features of our technology. Each month we try to pick a different enrichment and show in practice how to create engaging digital magazines and content, without extensive technical know-how. And you can even download the source files at the end to see how it’s been done!

Key topics in the latest issue

This month, we’re focusing on our Group related news. Some of you might have heard that we are integrating with Rakuten the Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company. That’s why our front cover welcomes you with a fun Japanese-style video and you can read two Rakuten-related articles.

  • Rakuten expands B2B services with Aquafadas – how and why we’ve become the major subsidiary of the Rakuten Group
  • Women in code announcing the initiative -women developers are still in minority and what can be done about it
  • SAML 2.0 – facilitation of users access and increased app security 
  • App of the month Natuzzi – elegant but functional product demo case study
  • Will robots run our future – technology revolution accordingly to a technologist from the Wired Magazine 
  • Global innovation company – all you need to know about Rakuten

Video enrichment from Aquafadas

For the latest Wave Mag #11 our designer picked a video feature. With Aquafadas tools with a few simple clicks you can add a short movie and voila you straight away create a highly visual front cover impressing readers from the start! This way they will for sure remember and read your publication! What’s more you can add actions within the video:

  • Buttons
  • Loop
  • Replay
  • Go to the next page

Are you looking for digital content inspiration? Have a go and check our Wave Mag cover imagining how with out technology you could attract clients, communicate effectively with employees or simply showcase your brand’s creativity.

Don’t wait. Download our free Aquafadas Wave app (iOS and Android) to access our magazine and let us know what you think.

Do it yourself

And don’t forget to check the last page of the magazine (Do it yourself) where we added a handy feature of an easy download of all the source files. If you already an inDesign user you will be able to see the source files (zipped as a DPE format) and with the Aquafadas inDesign plugin you will discover how the magazine was created! Not sure how to open the DPE files. Check here.

  • Pierre-Louis André Ferrandis

    Por que vocês não fazem a revista multilínguas? seria uma grande demonstração do poder do software e atingiria muito mais público… Que tal para começar, além do inglês, espanhol, francês e alemão? e talvez um desafio maior, japonês?
    Google Translator for Portuguese:
    Why are not you a multi-language magazine? They will be a great demonstration of the power of software and much more public production … How about to start, besides English, Spanish, French and German? And maybe a bigger challenge, Japanese?

    • Aquafadas

      Great idea, thank you for your suggestion and challenge. Our tools are designed to create exactly that, multi-language magazines. Watch this space!