Wave Magazine #10 – latest digital insights in a mobile format

Wave Magazine #10 – latest digital insights in a mobile format

Are you looking for latest mobile and digital insights? Something you could read when on the go on your phone. To help you access news on devices you like most we edit and create our digital magazine – Wave Mag. Working with our digital publishing tools, with our in house designers, we compile case studies, trends, predictions and stats, then convert them into digital format enriched with interactive features et voila!

Key topics in the latest issue

  • Digital in 2017 predictions – what’s going to be hot and trending this year according to experts
  • Best Aquafadas apps of 2016 – some of the best apps created with our tools picked by sales, tech, marketing, creative teams from Aquafadas
  • Women in tech – why is there such as a significant gender gap and what can be done to change that?
  • Saint-Gobain Isover case study – how to inject dynamism and interactivity when selling insulation materials 
  • Are we about to witness a digital content shake up in Japan – REM digital magazine
  • Digital boom in China – how to seize the opportunity in the largest app market?
  • App of the month: Panoramik – cinema  and brand promotion in a digital magazine

Sublayout – layout enhancement enrichment from Aquafadas

Did you know that with our inDesign Authoring tool you can add an effect of a horizontal and vertical scroll? For the latest Wave Mag #10 cover we used exactly that combining sub layout enrichment and anchors. Thanks to this versatile but simple feature a simple scroll effect is achieved by placing a wide panoramic picture in a smaller frame. To top it off, your sub layout can also contain other enrichments like animations to boost interactivity and reader’s engagement.

Have a go and play with the Wave Mag cover imagining using the same feature for your company’s internal magazine to showcase your new shiny office. Or maybe if you wanted to add a hidden fun element in your magazine cover – a nice surprise available for readers only when they engage and start scrolling across or up and down the cover image.

Don’t wait. Download our free magazine today and let us know what you think.