Training the Next Generation of Designers in China

Training the Next Generation of Designers in China

Young, creative designers have an incredible wealth of tools at their disposal for creating stunning digital content. The technology available has never been so powerful.

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But not all designers have the opportunity or resources to develop the skills they need to realize their creative abilities. That’s why here at Aquafadas, we fund training projects around the world to help train the next generation of young designers and share our wealth of expertise in digital publishing.

Our latest training camp took place in China, at the Hangzhou Dianzi University, College of Digital Media and Art & Design.

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The training consisted of three parts and took place across three months.

The camp began with a classroom training held by an Aquafadas certified instructor. During this training, about 60 young designers got acquainted with the Aquafadas tools.

This was followed by onsite projects conducted in partnership with local museums and exhibitors. These initatives provided students with concrete, on-going projects to work on. To encourage students to produce their best work, a contest will be held in May 2016.

The training came to an end in November with a digital book competition. This competition was held in partnership with leading universities in both mainland China and Taiwan.

Some of the institutions involved included United National Taiwan University, the Provincial Zhejiang Museum and Jinwen University of Science and Technology.

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We look forward to working together with our partners to make technical and graphic design training accessible to all around the world. Discover more about our tools.