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App du mois – Marketing mobile dans l’industrie des métaux

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App du mois – Marketing mobile dans l’industrie des métaux

Read about the latest mobile app and digital magazine created with our software. Working with our Austrian partner CeeQoo and a creative technologies company Qupik, Primetals Technologies, a leader in engineering and plant construction in the metals industry, decided to modernise their marketing communications approach by bringing their two existing magazine apps together into one new generation app type called Next Gen app.


Claudia Zimmer Interview about Digital Publishing

With the launch of Aquafadas’ digital publishing solution coming up on March 17th, Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas’ President, was interviewed recently. She was asked about the importance of digital publishing across media and industries, the business challenges of digital publishing, and the technical obstacles presented by new tables and mobile operating systems. Claudia Zimmer answers these questions and provides insights on how Aquafadas’ approach to digital publishing is different.