Stronger internal culture, stronger external image – thanks to a mobile app

Stronger internal culture, stronger external image – thanks to a mobile app

About TF1

TF1 is the first and oldest TV stations in France, a part of the TF1 media group who owns various free and paid TV channels and digital platforms. With multiple external audiences and over 2700 employees to communicate to, they decided to transform their comms by going digital. As a result they launched a ‘TF1 Group’ communication mobile app including an employee’s’ mobile magazine ‘Yearbook’.

Going mobile to ‘Share positive waves’

“Our new comms strategy came as a result of changing habits of our employees and clients, who nowadays lead digital lives. We realised that thanks to elegant mobile presentations, accessible for everyone and everywhere, we can benefit from strengthening internal culture and sense of belonging as well as improved external image.” Franck Canaple, TF1 Agency

But how did they do it? It all happened in 3 steps:

  1. They have launched the intranet channel
  2. Videos have been showed internally on a dynamic display system
  3. And last but not least an internal paper magazine Regard has been transformed into a mobile publication Yearbook

Delivered in 3 weeks only

Creation of the app and the content happened very quickly in approximately 3 weeks. Internal process changes have however been most time consuming. TF1 decided to take the opportunity to merge teams bringing closer together internal comms in charge of content creation as well as their TF1 Agency (comms agency), previously responsible for the content for their on demand platform myTF1.

Why Aquafadas?

TF1 Agency and Aquafadas have already worked together in the past on the creation of the 20XV digital magazine about rugby. Pleased with the Aquafadas team, support and tools they decided to partner again. And that’s how their new TF1 Group mobile app and a digital magazine Yearbook came to life. Available on AppStore the new app included:

  • Latest company videos
  • Slideshows
  • Scrollable layout
  • Internal and external content access (free TF1 Group app available on App Store featuring one document for external communication as well as secure documentation for internal users only available thanks to the access code)

Using Aquafadas inDesign plugin their in-house designers enjoyed the creative freedom to to produce and enrich content independently taking inspiration from all the latest mobile design trends.

And the final result?

The digital publication and app received a very positive feedback. Senior management loved the richness, look and feel and user experience of the new digital tools. And timing was perfect too as only a year ago TF1 celebrated its 40th anniversary hence there were plenty of happy moments, and great content to share including: the Rugby World Cup, new TV shows, TF1 Group charitable projects etc. And all of it in the videos, slideshows, audio files format – highly appealing and attractive for today’s digital audiences.