Paris: Aquafadas Digital World Tour

Paris: Aquafadas Digital World Tour


Yesterday evening, the Aquafadas team welcomed guests to the beautiful Salon Marbeuf in Paris, located just off the Champs-Elysées. There was a great turnout for the fourth event in the Aquafadas Digital World Tour, with representatives from Lagardère, Bayard and Altavia in attendance.

Aquafadas COO, Thomas Ribreau, brought guests up-to-date with the CreativeFlow automatic production system as seen at previous events. However, for Paris the main focus was on how businesses could integrate digital publishing into their strategy and the essential tools to do so successfully.

Marketing Tools
Monetize, engage, optimize. The three principal aims when marketing a digital publication to increase growth.
Stéphane Guichard, Havas 360, along with Eric Cougniot, Media au Pluriel, presented the interactive application for construction materials- Point P. By transforming the print version of the catalogue to digital, they have been able to integrate features including the advanced ‘image recognition’ function. Users simply scan the catalogue to access comparisons on different floorings, for example, to give them a better idea of the overall product.

To demonstrate how the ‘shopping basket’ option can be utilized to make purchasing simple for the customer within an app, Havas 360 used the example of the Carrefour Market Christmas catalogue. The Aquafadas Software Development Kit allowed them to link the application to Carrefour’s commercial website.

After further discussion on the range of marketing tools available, the guests were then able to share their digital publishing experiences among themselves during the cocktail. A lovely end to an enjoyable evening.

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