Our New Tools, Launches and Updates in 2015

Our New Tools, Launches and Updates in 2015

It’s been a great year. In 2015, we traveled the globe on our first world tour. We attended events that allowed us to meet our customers. We celebrated the launch of countless successful apps built with our tools. And we gave our customers the power to create their best digital content with updates and new product releases.


With so much change, we decided it would help you out to see an overview of the tools we currently offer.

Next Gen App

This is the tool we’re most excited about. The new Next Gen App revolutionizes the way our customers are building their apps. It really puts the power back into the marketers hands, you no longer need a team of developers on hand to build beautiful apps.

Here are the main features:

  • Dynamic Sections — you can customize each section of the app template to perfectly reflect your brand. Add images, videos and sliders with parallax effect.
  • Categories — control how your content is displayed and organized. Choose to feature top content, best-selling editions or any other category you desire.
  • Updated in real-time — you no longer have to re-submit to the app store when you want to update or add extra content. With the next gen app, you can do it in real-time.

Faster Generation

Generating digital documents from your AVE files used to be a slow process. But not anymore! In November, we upgraded our plugin for InDesign to drastically speed up publishing time. With version 4.0 of our plugin, you can generate your digital documents 10 times faster!


HTML web reader

Compatibility with mobile has never been so important as it is today. That’s why in November we updated our new HTML5 web reader to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. Using the well-known behaviors of mobile browsing, users can now reader digital documents made for the web on their mobile devices. In addition, the web reader now features improved display and smoother transitions between pages.


Enrichments for eLearning

This fall we launched our new tools for education publishers. Digital education and eLearning increasingly offers students more enriching and effective learning experiences with increased interactivity and opportunity for feedback.

Our new tools allow education and training publishers to add interactive quizzes to their publications. They can choose to use our InDesign plugin for more complex, quizzes tailor-made to their requirements or easily enrich a PDFs with simple quizzes using our cloud-based tools.

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