Introducing… the Next Generation of Aquafadas Apps

Introducing… the Next Generation of Aquafadas Apps

We’re excited to launch our next generation of digital publishing solutions.

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We asked our customers what they wanted from their app building tools. The answer?

“A simple to use online tool that allows you to build beautiful, engaging apps, which look great on every device and you can customize in real-time…”

So that’s exactly what we delivered.

The Next Gen App

Our next gen app provides you with a fully customizable app template that you can adapt to create stunning branded content.

Each component of the app template is fully customizable. Using Cloud Connect, our online app building tool, you can take control of the the look and feel of every part of your app using simple drag and drop controls.

Dynamic Sections

With dynamic sections, it’s easy to customize each section of your app. Plus it’s simple to add video, images and sliders with parallax effect.

For businesses looking to build branded apps, our Next Gen App puts a wealth of power in your hands. You can adapt each part of the app to fit your needs — promote your latest news, set up a forced login to control access to your content, or even add an RSS feed for stocks.


The ability to create categories gives you a new powerful way to control how the content displays within your app. You can group together titles, editions and other digital content under whatever heading you choose.

Want to feature your top selling magazines? Your most read content? Special promotions? Feature issues? It’s all possible with the Next Gen App, and in just a few clicks!

After you’ve created your app, you can publish on all platforms — iOS, android, tablet and the web — straight from Cloud Connect and in a wide range of languages. And when you want to add new content, it’s easy. You can update your app in real-time directly in Cloud Connect.

Check out our demo to see the new Next Gen App in action:

New Cloud Connect

To better support our next gen app, we’ve completely redesigned the Cloud Connect interface. The new streamlined UI offers a user-friendly dashboard that lets you create your apps using simple drag and drop controls.

We’ve sped up information display to achieve a much faster navigation and we’ve completely re-thought the user experience. The new Cloud Connect is more responsive to how you work. For example, now when you save your work, you stay on the same page instead of being sent back to the homepage.

The next generation of Aquafadas tools is live right now!

Want to try the Next Gen App and the new Cloud Connect? You can for free! So what you waiting for? Get started building your app.