Our response to the Intel security flaw

Our response to the Intel security flaw


Intel security flaw

An Intel processors security flaw was recently revealed forcing an emergency redesign of the underlying operating system code for Linux, macOS, and Windows machines. Since the Intel security flaw has been disclosed all global cloud providers have been working on servers patches. The list includes AWS, Google Cloud Platform, OVH and Microsoft Azure. As a consequence, most server workloads might experience degraded performance.

Our action plan

At Rakuten Aquafadas an action plan has been put in place. Some of our services (Cloud Connect, Cloud Authoring) are hosted on servers and might be affected by the Intel security flaw. Once the system patches are available and our tests have confirmed stability and responsiveness of our services, the update will be released.

Latest updates will be posted on our status twitter account @AquafadasStatus and on our status page