How digital tools transform internal training

How digital tools transform internal training


Today’s businesses face new operational and training demands. Staff mobility, digital technologies, new ways of using devices and a never-ending push for interactivity are here to stay.

Aquafadas, a leading software provider, offers innovative elearning tools designed to enable companies to create engaging and interactive digital training content available on any device.

Aquafadas eLearning Product Manager Melanie Batocchi  –  expert in elearning field –  discusses innovative solutions and how they’re changing learning into elearning

New landscape – learning on the move

Learning and technological changes are interconnected. Smartphones and tablets, whether personal or owned by companies, are no longer leisure or phone call only devices. They became key training devices. Workforce is always on the move and they want to learn where they are – they adopted a nomadic work style. Did it decrease the quality of learning? Contrarily, online learning platforms and intuitive user experience demanded by staff and influenced by digital innovation, pushed for richer training experience.

Early adopters understand the potential

Edinumen is a publisher specialising in text books. They decided to convert all their paper-based tools in digital formats, linking them with an elearning platform and making them available in all environments: iOS, Android and desktop. And all automatically synchronised!

Everybody benefits and it is fun!

Learning providers whether external companies or internal training units (HR, training managers) need to be different and better to gain attention and time of learners. Staff, on the other hand, is much more receptive to training if it’s easy to access, interactive, playful and available on devices they want to use, offline and online. Whether it’s in a café during lunch break or on a plane travelling to a meeting.

It’s a question of planning not a budget size

And it doesn’t have to be a solution reserved for big enterprises only. All it needs is a landscape review. So if your company needs an elearning solution, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where is your workforce based – in the office or on the move?
  • What devices are available for them?
  • What content have you already got in hand?
  • What skills do you need to teach them?
  • What stages and tests do they need to complete?

And what about the future?

You cannot stop your workforce. Tomorrow they will be even more mobile and nomadic. And the same trend will follow in the training sector. Forget about a scheduled training session for all your staff: in one place and time. They will desire more fragmented, non-time specific experience, available everywhere online and without any Internet access. And tools will need to become even more editable – they will want to learn they way that suits them – with personalised bookmarks, comments and edits.

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