Hamburg: Aquafadas Digital World Tour

Hamburg: Aquafadas Digital World Tour


At the end of last week, Aquafadas and German partner CeeQoo, joined forces in Hamburg to continue the next leg of the Digital World Tour! An informative afternoon with great company and exciting presentations, what did the attendees discover?

As with the successful event in Milan earlier last week, guests were presented with the innovative workflow, CreativeFlow. This time, Matthieu Kopp, CTO at Aquafadas, demonstrated the brilliant tool that can easily convert large amounts of content automatically. Avoiding the hassle of custom-designing individual issues, publishers can now diffuse their digital publication across multiple platforms, quickly and efficiently.

Attendees also gained useful insights into how publishers can integrate digital into their business strategy, with information on the range of marketing tools available for their application, such as push notification campaigns. Christian Graf, CEO at CeeQoo, followed with a look into 4 beautiful examples of innovative apps created with Aquafadas solutions. The 3 Suisses magalog (a digital catalogue magazine hybrid), J’aime Lire children’s book store, the corporate Tupperware app and the newspaper Ouest France – different publications for very different audiences.

Come and see us in Mexico to learn more, register now for free! Or take a look at the other cities still to come on the Aquafadas Digital World Tour.