The Future is Here: Aquafadas Introduces HTML5 for WebReaders

The Future is Here: Aquafadas Introduces HTML5 for WebReaders

Web editions of publications need to be compatible with 100% of browsers to avoid restricting audiences to specific devices. Therefore, Flash is no longer the best option as the technology is being replaced by HTML5.

It is now possible to become HTML5 compatible using the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System. Easily create your own HTML5 WebReader for the same cutting-edge, native reading experience for your content.


See an example!

So, how does it work?

Using the InDesign plugin, you can export a publication as a WebReader, ready to be embedded on a website.

A new tab for WebReader appears in the Interactivity panel and gives access to all the compatible enrichments.

You will need a publication license for WebReader to export your file, however, you will have access to a demo mode with watermarked photos and jumbled text.

How can you make a unique WebReader?

When using HTML5 for your WebReader, you will have the ability to enrich the file with a range of interactive features. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Retina Compatible Menu and Buttons

– Navigation by Pages (Right-to-Left) and by Article (Up-and-Down)HTML5 multi-devices

– Exceptional Zoom With Retina Resolution Rendering for Images

– Animated Transitions Between Pages

– Large Palette of Interactive Enrichments:

  • Slideshows
  • Audio and Video, with User-Defined Controls
  • HTML
  • Guided Reading
  • Animated Images
  • Actions, such as ‘Go-to-Web’

– Compatible With All Desktop Browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera)

– Can Be Viewed on Mobile Browsers (NOTE: Multi-touch Function not Fully Compatible. More info).

“By providing an HTML5 WebReader to publishers, we are not only giving access to the most powerful and highly compatible web technology. We provide a complete digital system that lets you distribute to each platform in the best format: native apps for iOS, Android and Amazon; HTML5 WebReader for browsers and new challenging platforms such as Windows Mobile, Linux; and Flash  for former WebReader versions. Because publishers just have to create once to publish everywhere, they are saving time and money, while providing the best reading experience.”
Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas CEO.

Creating an HTML5 WebReader lets you target users on all platforms including Windows PCs and mobile devices, Mac desktop systems and any other device with a web browser. Check out this update in the InDesign plugin and become HTML5 compatible now!