The first mobile app where kids teach kids about the world

The first mobile app where kids teach kids about the world



Tech creating change in the society

At Aquafadas, we are excited about creating change. Whether it is through our partnerships with businesses on their digital transformation journey. Or whether our tools are used to improve the world. But how can you change the world with digital publishing software you might ask? Sounds impossible? Believe us – it is true!

Not a long time ago, we met  a wonderful non-for-profit organisation called Touchable earth. Their main goal is to deliver a world-class education programme through mobile. They explain their vision as ‘sharing the kids’ eye view of the world’. How does it work? Youngsters from all corners of the globe, aged between 7 – 11 share knowledge and learn interesting facts. And all of this is done to promote core values:

  • tolerance
  • global citizenship
  • girls education
  • dialogue for peace

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Touchable earth has already been recognised by world leading organisations such as United Nations who awarded them for innovation in teaching young students about culture. They also partnered with and UNESCO Dakar. And today they work with us! Our digital publishing tools are supporting this social change initiative and helping to scale it up. We told you that Aquafadas is on a mission to change the world!

Why Aquafadas tools?

Touchable earth app ‘Kids teach Kids’ has been released as an iOS application. However as a part of their long-term vision, they wanted to expand to other platforms to broaden its availability.  They also wished to improve accessibility by multiple language versions and finally make the app more usable by adding new features.

This is where we jumped with excitement ready to partner with them. Amongst some of the changes available soon, they’re planning to:

  • offer a quality app interface achievable with our tools
  • increase availability by creating  a web and ePUB version benefitting from the cross platform licences
  • taking advantage of our InDesign enrichments such as: a new read aloud feature  and a karaoke element to help kids learn new languages

And Touchable earth were very pleased too.

“In spite of having no database or development experience I was able to quickly learn how to use the Aquafadas tools and publish an app on multiple platforms. I’ve spent 3 years trying to achieve this and was told repeatedly the only option was an expensive custom build with a high maintenance cost.  Instead, I was able to deploy the app within a few months at 10% of the cost of a custom build. The Aquafadas team were very helpful so we could start promoting the app before the new school year. We are already receiving positive feedback and are excited to hear more from teachers using it classrooms across the globe.”

Tudor Clee, founder of Touchable earth

To view the app in action, download it from Apple Store or Google Play.