Women in code – encouraging young girls to join the tech industry

Women in code – encouraging young girls to join the tech industry

Here at Aquafadas, a mobile software company, we’re lucky to be surrounded by tech women from various educational backgrounds and with tonnes of experience. But we’re in minority! Stats show that although tech is a very well paid and growing industry, only a small number of girls train in STEM subjects and join the sector. There is a widely spoken gender, opportunities and digital skills gap.

“Only 18% of computer science graduates are women” (Girls Who Code)

“In 2016 only 13% of candidates who applied to work for Aquafadas were women” (Aquafadas)

We’re launching “Women in Code”

Today on International Women’s Day, we’re unveiling our new initiative ‘Women in code”. We want to encourage and empower young women at the start of their careers! Diverse teams perform better but lack of support network and self confidence stop girls from applying for tech positions (whether it’s programing, IT, support, digital and others) and becoming next industry leaders! We’re finessing our plans and ideas and we’ll be revealing more soon. Stay tuned.

More about us

In the meantime we want to explain a bit about who we are. We’re proud that amongst us, we have a talented bunch of women who want to help others. Here are some of them.



I’m Communication Director at Aquafadas. I wasn’t supposed to work in tech as I studied philosophy and publishing. I arrived at Aquafadas to create digital comic books platform, AveComics and instantly loved being a part of a digital revolution. Technology is always evolving and changing. Your brain always needs to be connected! But there is a not a lot of women working in this market. I want to help young girls to reach their potential and make them interested in tech. I want  “Women in code” to be game-changers!


I work as Projects Coordinator and as a part of my job I need to create connections between developers and non tech types. I started as an intern and decided to stay permanently as working in IT was a big challenge. I studied languages and cultural diversity and knew nothing about software and coding. But I’ve always wanted to discover more. Coding is a «world of men». But women can bring so much to it. As new technologies are our future, I’d like to see young girls making their professional careers in this domain.


I studied foreign languages and digital marketing but always knew that I wanted to work in a tech company. So I decided to do some community management, then worked in digital marketing, communication, and finally tech support. I wanted to be a part of what makes tech evolve. That’s why I decided to work here, to be able to help people with their everyday tech problems and finding innovative solutions. I’m a part of this initiative to show girls that they can also work in tech, be efficient, have a great experience and bringing their own vision of what tech is, or should be.


I trained as an architect and had an architecture practice before co-founding Aquafadas, an IT company, with my husband. I didn’t really choose the tech industry, I jumped in technology via our shareware project: software that we designed to manage personal videos at at time when there was nothing on the market to fulfil this need. So we decide to create a video tool and then launched a company to provide more solutions for creative people. I am involved as I have so much fun in the software industry, even if I’m not coding myself. Everything can happen, things are moving fast, technological ruptures are possible. All you need is your brain, ideas, a team and the revolution is yours! I’d like to share this with young girls.


I work as a technical writer. I studied history, languages, communications and technical writing and worked in various companies: telecom, oil industry and now in IT. Tech industry is an ongoing developing process, driven by curiosity, research and innovation. I needed this challenge to stay in a close contact with the changing tech world surrounding us. But we need to break social and psychological barriers. Code is not only for men. In fact, women have been present here for a long time. Ada Lovelace is the first name coming to my mind. Women can and must highlight their contribution, ideas and results in this field still dominated by men, while finding middle ground and working together.   


I am a digital marketeer. I studied politics and digital marketing and worked in various digital, creative and marketing agencies helping clients with their digital challenges. I’ve been lucky to have Microsoft and Google amongst my clients. I’ve always been drawn to innovative solutions and fast moving industries that are changing the world. I like being  kept me on my toes. That’s why I decided to join Aquafadas. The idea of giving back and helping the society has always been close to my heart too. I love the aspect of mentoring and sharing my experiences to support others. I’d love to be able to see more women proudly joining the tech industry!


I am a Front-End Developer. I studied psychology and biology before starting an art magazine. After working on the magazine’s website, I fell in love with every aspects of it and decided to resume my studies this time in web development. During my school there was nothing that would encourage me to go into tech. While making my own publication, I saw what could be done with magazines in digital format and I knew it was what I wanted to do next. Studies are showing that women dropped computer science back in the mid-eighties when personal computers became “toys” marketed for boys and men. The Internet and mobile devices are going to be a growing part of our life and women must take part in it. I am the only female developer in my company,  amongst over 30 developers, and this shouldn’t be the case!


I work on mobile testing at Aquafadas. I started my studies in Colombia in IT engineering for wireless data communications. In France I did digital humanities and e-learning. I’ve always been interested in the possibilities of technologies and human science. I decided to be a part of the Aquafadas community because I like the multicultural and pioneering spirit here. We’re one of the #SunnyFrenchTech start-ups. Throughout my career I experienced difference in men behaviour in front a woman who works in tech. We are THE generation confronted by a great challenge of gender representation. There is lots of work to do to improve equality to avoid a “mansplaining” treatment. And I’m so excited to collaborate on the Women in Code project at Aquafadas !


I work in the International Business Development team as a sales rep. I have a master in biology with a specialisation in PR. In my carrier, I worked as communication manager, sales rep, then sales engineer and also a product manager. I joined tech by chance but decided to stay by choice due to my interest in this sector. There are too few women in tech companies maybe because it’s male focused. But girls can bring so many values such as another way of working together. And this may initiate a positive change for all those involved. The only barriers in our working lives, are the ones we set for ourselves!


I’m part of the Business Development team at Aquafadas. I’m a Computer Science engineer and worked in web development & digital marketing, as well as business intelligence, analysis and development. I came to France from Peru to learn about Information Technology Management. I decided to choose this field because it’s a very innovative and changing industry. New tools and software keep me learning all the time, and there are lots of options to choose from. I am participating as I want to encourage women to continue growing and learning, to show with them that tech industry is for everyone and that us girls can learn and share knowledge. I’m sure girls can bring new ideas and innovations to the IT world.


Back in Lithuania I studied graphic design. Afterwards I mostly worked on print and branding projects . In 2011 I decided to go for a multimedia degree, as i wanted to keep up with market trends and had an opportunity to get an  internship in a technical and scientific research center in an oil industry. My former colleagues,  successful women engineers have been my inspiration. I am  a part of this Women in Code group  because I believe that at the very young age it’s necessary to get as much encouragement as possible.


I work as a bridge between Japanese and French development teams.

Having studied industrial sociologies and worked in financial sector in Japan, I came to France and studied multimedia. Previously I have worked for a French mobile game startup. It’s really exciting to see what we can do in the tech industry. Programming language has no border, we can easily collaborate with people from other countries. I don’t want to necessary convince girls to be super programmers but I want them to know that code opens so many opportunities. I would like to encourage people who want to convert their job to a tech industry.

Join us!

If any of you are interested contact us to join! You might be a student or already in tech. You might be wondering what to do in life. Or maybe already succeeded and want to help others. We are based in Montpellier, France. Email at: ewa@aquafadas.com or simply share this article to spread the word!