Discover our new Viber stickers!

Discover our new Viber stickers!


Those who followed us for a while remember our crazy eyed fish Aqua – our logo and tools mascot! It has witnessed product changes and company evolution while ‘swimming’ through the waters of desktop apps (slideshows and rich animations), digital comics books, interactive papers and magazines until reaching the enterprise apps.


And today it arrived at a new and exciting destination. We’re pleased and proud to announce that it swam to the ocean of Viber (instant messaging and voice over IP application – our friends from the Rakuten Group). It’s now a part of the ‘stickers ocean’ and enjoying its daily adventures with other fun and amusing sticker characters!

So if you are our fan, or miss our fish mascot or simply want an adorable image to express how you feel when you’re messaging your friends, download our stickers today!


Have fun and don’t forget to share it with others!

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