Are you a digital publisher? Want to create ultimate reading experience fast and sell more? Check our latest features

Are you a digital publisher? Want to create ultimate reading experience fast and sell more? Check our latest features

newsbanAquafadas and publishing world

Here at Aquafadas, we’ve got years of experience in partnering with press publishers on their journey from printed publications to the world of  interactive mobile content accessible everywhere. Together we developed solutions enabling easy conversion of glossy printed magazines to enriched mobile editions. We’re proud of clients names and numbers we achieved together:

  • 53 digital editions converted for Ouest-France – the most read Francophone regional daily newspaper with 2.5 million daily readers
  • 11 digital magazines created for Shueisha – a leading Japanese magazine, books and games group
  • 24 magazines converted in 24 apps for a key media player – Lagardère
  • 1st ever daily iPad newspaper edition for RMC Sport  
  • 100 digital magazines with tech infrastructure for Kobo – a Canadian e-books, e-magazines and tablets company

New enhancements

Today, we’re on a quest to offer even better solutions. Our latest improvements are designed to help publishers with their daily work, increase subscriptions and offer even more innovative reading experience. 

NEW subscription banner to attract more readers

We have released an improved banner where publishers can easily display their publication prices and subscription packages (monthly, yearly etc.). It is easy and fast to create, stands out visually and can be adapted in real time. A great way to improve readership and sales!

NEW progress icons

Lengthy text and complex instructions can easily be missed by readers. In the era of text overload, we all prefer self explanatory icons, photos and colourful stickers. That’s why we added simple but effective icons for digital readers. So in one glance they can check what content they already downloaded and which files they need to get.

App Light to build your apps even faster

Are you a small magazine owner publishing one title only? Are these your first steps into digital publications? We have a new tool for you too. Choose from 3 banners and quickly build and launch your app with our App Light tool.

COMING SOON – Creative Flow based on responsive HTML templates

And last but not least, we’re excited to be soon launching our latest Creative Flow HTML template. Thanks to this new solution digital publishers will be able to design automatically, in one go, an ultimate reading experience for all devices. This will be possible by using a single HTML template. As a result, they will be able to offer their readers an interactive responsive publication adapted for any device type users might have in their pockets. And all of this done without time-consuming edits to adapt, resize and adjust assets depending on smartphone or tablet type. So now your publication text and images can match any screen size with a wow effect! Quick, easy and with a stunning end result.

Contact us if you want to take advantage of our latest features

And we never stop searching for improvements. Watch this space for any new products – we will keep you posted. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to request a demo.