Create your iPhone X apps

Create your iPhone X apps


iPhone X apps

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Apple announced the introduction of its new iPhone X. It happened during the keynote of 12 September 2017. The smartphone’s innovations are numerous: a beautiful OLED screen, edge-to-edge display, facial recognition and animated emojis.

iOS 11  and iPhone X apps stats 

And what’s more, the new iOS 11 operating system has a new interface. It also includes improved multitasking for iPad apps, and the ability to drag and drop files between multiple apps. Three months later, despite a downward revision, Bloomberg still plans to sell 30 million iPhone Xs. As for iOS 11, it is now stable (since the release of version 11.2) and 59% of iPhones and iPads have now switched to the new OS.

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