Business digitisation in Poland – handy stats and insights

Business digitisation in Poland – handy stats and insights

If one was able to take a sneaky peak into daily habits of different European customers, they would no doubt notice that regardless of geographical location and wallet size, majority would spend a big chunk of their days glued to their smartphones.

Economical, political and technological factors change our lives. Tech crosses borders and brings countries and enterprises closer together. But is digital revolution similar or very different in the British City, French Défense or the Polish business centre?

Thanks to our international partner network, we have a unique opportunity to get the first view and insights into different markets and their digital needs. During this week’s event run between Aquafadas, our Polish partner Cortland and Apple Poland, we were able to discuss and share experiences with a large group of Polish business players from various sectors: finance, retail, cosmetics, automotive, consulting, public institutions and others. Below are some of our findings.

Digital and mobile in stats in Poland

  • Over 7 million Poles bought a smartphone in 2015, which makes 73% of all mobile phones purchased
  • A staggering 80% of business owners are willing to implement enterprise mobile apps and 50% declared that they’ve already started the digitisation process
  • In the Polish Internet, there are already over 15,000 e commerce shops. And Polish people on average spend online over 30 million zloty, and e-commerce market share is expected to double by 2020
  • Accordingly to Deliotte Digital survey, 58% of respondents are very well aware of the improved effectiveness and productivity thanks to digitisation of business

Key challenges and barriers

Business representatives who shared their view with us, told us about interactions and processes that in their view would definitely benefit from mobile tools. They mentioned:

  • Slow response to client queries and needs
  • Need to educate sales teams and provide them with access to up-to-date marketing tools
  • Internal communication overload
  • Lack of attractive  and engaging product catalogues
  • Geographical dispersion of teams
  • Confidentiality and secure access to sensitive documents

Taking the leap into digital 

Accordingly to the McKinsey’s report ‘Polska Cyfrowa’ (Digital Poland) Poland lags behind in enterprise mobility. They estimate 34% difference in business digitisation. However bearing in mind the appetite, growing interest and demand, skilled workforce and large international investment in Poland, we are envisaging mobile boom in no time. But which enterprise will take the leap first?