Best Aquafadas apps of 2016

Best Aquafadas apps of 2016

2016 is drawing to a close and what a year it has been! Here at Aquafadas we’ve been kept on our toes tackling digital and mobile challenges with our clients from various industries and parts of the world. Our solutions ventured all the way to Japan, Thailand, France, Austria, Kuwait and more. They’ve been used in pharma, automotive, services, entertainment, digital publishing, charity, public sector, for B2B and B2C users. We are proud of our client portfolio, our part in their digital transformation and results achieved together!

And we decided to finish this year by asking fellow Aquafadassians (yes this is a name of a person working at Aquafadas 😉 about their favourite apps created with our solutions. We spoke to our colleagues working in development, testing, sales, marketing, tech, design, junior and director level gathering opinions. We wanted to know what makes backed developers as well as sales directors tick. And here is our 2016 in apps.

Mon plafond acoustique: “A simple zoom in feature making all the difference on a building site.”

Manuel, sales

“I love the Eurocoustic Plafométal app not because of the beauty of the PDF converted content but because of the example how many purposes apps can serve. They are not only for sales people. This specific example is aimed at engineers in the field. It is designed to help them understand what piece of metal they have to use when they build ceiling structures. The client needed something simple. They wanted to zoom fullscreen on the pictures to help their builders when on site. It’s a very simple enrichment for us but for them, compared to print brochures where obviously you cannot zoom, it makes such a difference! Check out their brochure: quick-lock.”


REM ! Rakuten MAGAZINE: “Digital content shake up in Japan.”

Tomoko, bizdev

“This app is a e-magazine subscription service for Japan, in which more than 200 different magazines are published by Rakuten our mother company. We have collaborated closely with them on this project. And we are continuously improving our products to meet the needs of Japanese readers. And I’m pleased as recently we have been seeing more and more app subscribers.”


Panoramik – Cinema E-Mag: “Motion pictures news sprinkled with brand content – entertainment mixed with product placement.”

Allison and Cedric, marketing

“We both really like the Panoramik app. It has been created by the marketing agency TF1 to test and teach about the cinema knowledge. It’s a great example of a smartphone-first magazine because it was created specifically for this device. It has a really clever navigation, is very attractive visually and intuitive for smartphone users. And it’s such an interesting magazine too talking about a topic we enjoy – the cinema. Best lecture for today’s motion pictures lovers always connected on their mobiles.”

Maryline, production

“I picked the same application Panoramik but for a slightly different reason. I am very happy to see how designers who created this digital magazine used our tools especially InDesign Plugin. They have really mastered them, pushed them to the limit and the final result is so impressive. They utilised our software better than we imagined it’s possible.”


Adecco Sales Essential App: “Streamlined sales workflows thanks to mobile tools.”

Melanie, bizdev

“For me it would be the Adecco sales enablement app. It has been created for the international recruitment company Adecco, specifically for their French office. And I think it’s great due to several reasons:

– it’s a true example of a sales enablement app

– the app architecture has been done so cleverly. The way the banners and sub-banners have been structured makes the user journey easy, allowing time-poor sales reps quickly search for the desired document

– the feedback received from the Adecco sales teams is very positive (78% used the app and 90 liked it)

– this app will evolve in the future and there are other various possibilities of further development 


Shueisha’s Magazine App – “Mobile app aggregator of 11 digitized fashion and lifestyle magazines in Japan”

Matthieu, CTO

Shueisha is our Japanese client, the book and video game publisher.  They gave us a challenge of seamlessly merging multiple of their apps and moving all their existing users into the one new app. It was a real challenge from the technical point of view because the new Shueisha kiosk was a replacement for 11 existing apps. The idea was to do it without users involvement. We had to automatically restore the content they had purchased before in any of the old apps, and making it appear in the new better one.

To make our task even more tricky, we needed to take into account potential user errors by allowing them to continue using their old apps as well as make purchases while ensuring they would automatically pop up in the new app. It is such as great example of the Japanese culture, where the customers are firmly at the center and everything is made easy and transparent for them. When in fact multiple technical challenges have been dealt with in the background.”


OJ App – guide to studying in Moscow: “Student to student mobile guide of Moscow’s design scene.”

Kevin, support team

“There is one project I was really fond of this year, for multiple reasons, and that was Oj!. I worked on it with Annika Lyndgrun. She built this on her own, both to practise using Aquafadas tools and for something that she took to heart, namely expat design students in Moscow. It’s a great example because:

  • it was made out of passion, and it shows
  • it’s a real native digital publication, what I mean digital media making full use of the functionalities, and not just a digital rendition of traditional “print” paradigm
  • it looks awesome, check it out if you haven’t already!
  • and last but not least, it has a real informative/discovery purpose, it simply exists to share a view on a slice of the world and try to convey the author’s enthusiasm.”


Touchable Earth – kids teach kids: “Technology for future generations, for the better world.”

Ewa, marketing

“It’s so impressive and touching to see the power of technology. It can be a real change agent and enabler like in the case of the ‘Touchable Earth’ app. It has been built by a very passionate barrister Tudor from New Zealand, who is a founder of a non-for-profit organisation Touchable Earth, awarded by United Nations. He decided to use digital to deliver a world-class education programme: “Kids teach Kids”. I love the fact that he’s delivering his vision by asking youngsters from all parts of the world to simply share knowledge and pass interesting facts and he uses the power of a mobile device to spread the learnings. Thanks to our software fun and educative facts can easily reach the most remote parts of the world connecting kids who would never otherwise meet each other and learn fascinating facts and tolerance and peace at the same time.  It makes me proud that tech can improve the world.”


Lagardère apps: “Multinational publisher with passion for big data and app analytics.”

Magali, production

“From my point of view, I am more interested in the back-end solutions of our apps. Therefore I picked the digital publisher Lagardère and their e-magazines (amongst many: Elle Mag, Paris Match etc) created with our solutions. This year, together we have incorporated a new feature. We have integrated the third party analytics solution Localytics to help them measure with even more depth various in-app behaviours. These powerful stats help them create a big picture of their audience, see what they like to read, and their user journeys. And they can also communicate with them better with more powerful push messages.”


Mag Store – Digital Mags – “Very clever way of automating new content publishing.”

Arnaud, production

“ I picked the app that has been built some time ago but recently updated with a really simple but clever feature. The client  Sanoma Media Belgium is a media company, who produces varied magazines. They needed digital publishing tools that requires minimum maintenance. They were looking for a solution that will automate adding new content such as new magazine issues to their app. And we have managed to use a clever feature of our tools making this process easy for them so they can focus on creating the content as opposed to the publishing side. Simple but clever!”


Una Stella: “Raising awareness about war migrants. Mobile technology against human trafficking and war.”

Achille, bizdev

“I love the application Una Stella created by Missioni Don Bosco in Italy. The app is stunning and shows the power of our tools. The technology isn’t used to impress or grab attention but instead is so well integrated in the story that the app presents. It supports and reinforces the narrative. And the final result presents such as poignant story of refugee children on their risky journeys running away for the war to reach Europe.”


PwC sales app: “Complex issues presented with beauty – injecting colours to the B2B world”

Claudia, CEO

“One of my favourite apps is the PwC  sales app. It was created for a senior group of consultants to help them demo world-class reports produced by PwC. It is a B2B solution but so stunning. Some of the corporate B2B apps might sometimes be considered as text not visual led. The PwC app has such a beautiful design and it uses our tools so well. And to top it off it proves that analysis and in-depth insights can be showcased with shine.”


Bande à part – Cinema magazine: “Discovering moving pictures via interactivity”

Julien, Aymeric, design and web development

“We both like this app as it’s one of not many apps that use so well the full extend of what our InDesign Plugin can do. It is highly interactive and visually impressive from the designer point of view.”

And what about 2017?

We look forward to the new year that will no doubt bring fascinating tech innovation and hopefully even more new and exciting clients. Whatever 2017 has in store for us, we look forward to all new challenges!