Aquafadas Digital World Tour: What Did We Learn?

Aquafadas Digital World Tour: What Did We Learn?


The Aquafadas Digital World Tour may be over, but there is still a lot of digital publishing knowledge to share! After making our way to ten different cities across the globe between May 18th and June 29th, providing insights for all manner of publishers in different industries, what have we seen and what have we learned?

For High Volume
Presented at multiple World Tour locations, CreativeFlow, the latest in simple and automatic content conversion workflows was most notably demonstrated by Mondadori in Milan. For all things décor, DIY and style, the Casa Facile app is currently in production using CreativeFlow, with Fabio Garagiola taking us through the steps of how the innovative workflow allows them to pre-populate existing app templates to create a high quality digital publication, automatically. A cutting-edge design perfect for high volume publishers.

“[The World Tour] was a great opportunity to share the latest news we are bringing to the market for customers and users. CreativeFlow is a new workflow that gives a simple way to create a fully interactive publication, automatically,” Merce Roldos, Aquafadas Partner.

For Sports
The MARCA Plus editors shared some practical tips with us for marketing a digital application. Nacho Labarga and Pablo Berraondo (Labarber Multimedia) wowed attendees with the impressive data for their Spanish sports app; top on iTunes and Google Play for 100 consecutive days, an average 6:38mins spent in the app per session, and 24 pages viewed per session. By consulting analytics and marketing data, the Labarber team could pin-point which content and enrichments were most popular amongst their readers, making it easier to then tailor future issues.

“We are glad to have presented MARCA PLUS in Barcelona, meet other editors and analyze the future of interactive publications. The conclusion is that we have a long way to go, but we are in the right direction and opening new businesses,” Pablo Berraondo, Editor MARCA Plus.
[metaslider id=10928] For Magazines
Hearst Japan, the publishing giant, took to the stage in Tokyo to show us how they successfully realized magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar using PDF Reflow technology to give their users a more comfortable reading experience. The cost-effective and streamlined method for digital publishing allows for a native display on different devices. The tool was developed between Aquafadas and Toppan Printing Co. Ltd last year and Hearst beautifully demonstrated the success of this partnership.

For Kids
In New York, Betsy Loredo, Executive Editor & Creative Executive at Sesame Workshop, gave us an insight into the future of digital publications for children. The international brand saw a need for an app with an intuitive design that steered away from the typical periodical model preferred by adults. Sesame Street S’MORE gives kids a great mix of learning and entertainment, with interactive elements to maintain their interest. A truly innovative app that paves the way for future digital publications tailored for children.

“We weren’t aware of any app development companies that were doing rock-star style world tours until we met up with Aquafadas,” Brian O’Connor, Mr. Finn Content Works.


For Corporates
For the next generation of catalogue, Point.P is a clear pioneer with its digital app allowing customers to interactively view, test and purchase materials for house and home. Guest speakers from both Havas 360 and Media au Pluriel, charged with the new communication strategy for Point.P, explained how the integration of Moodstocks allowed them to create ‘image recognition’. Readers can scan pages in the print magazine with their smartphone or tablet that take them directly to the digital counterpart for an interactive reading experience.

“[Our customer was] looking for an automatic publishing solution for a digital version that assists and adds to the print support,” Stéphane Guichard, Associate Director at Havas 360.

In other news…
Other updates and future releases mentioned by the team during the World Tour include the dynamic HTML5 WebReader, with enhanced multi-touch management to give a smoother and sharper performance on all desktop browsers. Also, the very useful Folio to AVE converter, currently under development, for simple conversion of Adobe .folio files for app generation to Aquafadas AVE files, allowing publishers to become compatible with our system.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our guest speakers who presented their wonderful experiences and designs to inspire attendees. And to the attendees themselves, we hope you enjoyed seeing our tools in action and getting the chance to share your own ideas directly with the team. Until next time!

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