Aquafadas Digital Publishing V3.5: Subscribe for all system updates

Aquafadas Digital Publishing V3.5: Subscribe for all system updates

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Version 3.5 of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System saw the exciting release of the HTML5 WebReader feature, to create stunning animations for web publications that are compatible with 100% of browsers.


As well as introducing brand new features for our system, we also continuously strive to improve our existing software to provide the best experience for publishers. Here are the latest bug fixes from V3.5:


For enrichments:

– For iOS8, the Jigsaw and Spot the Difference enrichments have been improved

– Video, audio and slideshow functionalities for Android have been updated

– The web enrichments Jigsaw, Memory and Sudoku now have transparent backgrounds


For digital creation:

– Resolved issues for article placement, sublayouts and double orientation management

– Manifest and Zave now display the project at its actual size

– If the export is for iOS retina display, Manifest and Zave display the project at double the size


For general system use:

– Windows Logs are now possible

– ImageImagick is compatible


To start using Aquafadas Digital Publishing V3.5, simply download the update here.