App of the month: Panoramik – how to effectively blend topical and brand content

App of the month: Panoramik – how to effectively blend topical and brand content


Marketing agency TF1 has just launched a digital cinema magazine Panoramik. Second issue of this free monthly publication specifically designed for smartphones features mobile-friendly quizzes, articles (“Greatest film achievements”, “Movie thrillers inspired by literature”), anecdotes and more all designed to test readers’ knowledge and teach them about cinema culture. It is also includes latest movies news such as Brice de Nice or Doctor Strange.

From tablet to a smartphone edition

Panoramik is elegant and entertaining. It invites readers to the cinema world with its varied digital features: video snippets, audio effects, behind the scenes. Initially it has been designed as tablet first magazine but “we have realised that 90% of downloads came from mobile hence we decided to go mobile first converting to a smartphone format”  explains Franck Canaple in charge of e-publishing at TF1. “And thanks to Aquafadas tools, we were able to adapt accordingly our way of working”.

Smartphone and brand placement

But why did TF1 decide to focus on a smartphone edition? “We were searching for innovative ways to advertise, blending movies, brand content and paid advertisements. This is what today’s marketers are after.” We decided to try brand placements techniques in the cinema world. As an example we introduced Audi cars via informative, non intrusive and appealing pieces of content about Audi vehicles in movies.

Up to date, even when offline

Apps are very handy for marketers creating touchpoints between brands and customers. And they offer longevity winning with out of date, static websites. “ Thanks to a mobile app, users can access content even when commuting offline.”  And push notifications let them know about any new content as soon as it’s available.

Panoramik app is available for free for iPhone, iPad and Android users. It has been created with an innovative application template Next Gen from Aquafadas.