App of the month – mobile marketing in metals industry

App of the month – mobile marketing in metals industry

In January 2015, Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery and Siemens VAI Metals Technologies have joined the forces creating a worldwide leader in engineering and plant construction in the metals industry called Primetals Technologies. A full-line provider of raw metallurgical materials have been for a long time promoting their products and services via a printed customer magazine.

Modern communications challenge

Working with our Austrian partner CeeQoo and a creative technologies company Qupik, Primetals Technologies decided to modernise their marketing communications approach by bringing their two existing magazine apps together into one new generation app type called Next Gen app.

“When it comes to metallurgical plant building or exploring new ways to reach customers, Primetals Technologies is always looking for new ideas and approaches. That is why we have recently issued this interactive magazine for Android and Apple tablets as a communication tool. This allows our customers to get all of the latest issues of our customer magazine as well as interactive brochures from a single source. Mobile marketing is a cost effective way to reach our customers and therefore a vital component in our marketing communication strategy.”, Michael Wöss, Marketing Manager, Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH

Digital magazine loved by customers and staff

Using Aquafadas tools they have converted their existing apps offering one single access to the digital magazines “Metals Magazine” and “Metals Technologies”, both available in English worldwide for Android and Apple users. It has been built as a flexible new generation app solution Next Gen app. It is a long term solution allowing marketing teams easily and flexibly add and modify app elements and content without a single line of code, in real time.

We were looking for a solution to offer our client a communication tool where they have the ability to show all their current magazines and keep the possibility to add or remove content without the need of a new app. So we liked the idea having a unified mouthpiece for all the interactive media. That´s why the app is only called “Primetals”. Which is sort of a magazine kiosk today, but it offers the possibilities to contain most of the digital media we are producing in the future. The Next Gen app enables us to react very quickly to our clients communication needs.”, Andreas Mayr, Art Director, QUPIK – Creative Technologies GmbH

The Primetals app has been very well received. It is not only an innovative and practical communications tool, when it comes to management of content. It’s also highly appreciated by its elegance and intuitive design.

“Today, this award winning app (German Design Award), delights customers worldwide with exploring, interactive content and is also be used by sales staff with joy.”, DI(FH) Christof Huemer, Managing Director, QUPIK – Creative Technologies GmbH

Check it on Apple Store and Google Play.

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