5 Best Apps of 2015

5 Best Apps of 2015

In 2015, our customers created some truly amazing apps with our tools. It’s not an easy task to pick just 5!

We’re here to help you create the best digital content for your brand in 2016. To get your creative juices flowing and to show you want can be done, here’s a look at some of the best apps from 2015…


20XV by TF1

TF1’s rugby app explores creative new ways to communicate advertising messages to customers. Working to support a wider advertising campaign, 20XV is the perfect example of the power of native advertising in mobile apps. TFI managed to hit multiple targets with 20XV, capturing the attention of rugby fans and effectively putting the official brand sponsor, GMF Insurance, in front of the right audience.

Download TF1 on iOS or Android.


SkyLibrary by Turkish Airlines

With a reputation for innovation among travel brands, it’s no surprise that Turkish Airlines was one of the first adopters of our new next gen technology. SkyLibrary uses our next gen app template to better showcase the airline’s digital editions to customers. Using the customisable banners, they’re able to feature their in-flight magazines, Skylife Japan, catalogues and books.

Download SkyLibrary on iOS or Android.


Couleurs Jazz

One of the newest apps to be created with our tools and winner of December’s App of the Month, Couleurs Jazz uses interactivity to bring jazz to the mobiles of music lovers everywhere. The digital magazine, available in French and English, uses video, sound, image and animation to create a truly immersive app experience.

Download Couleurs Jazz on iOS.


Mr Tickle

This digital version of the much-loved kid’s book, Mr Tickle, wows readers with interactivity not achievable in print. The app features over 60 sounds and 70 animations, fun games like coloring-in and “Whack-a-Worm”, and read-aloud functionality — making it easier for kids to truly lose themselves to the magic of the story.

Download Mr. Tickle on iOS.




Catching attention in 2015 with it’s beautiful design, engaging content and interactivity, Perroverde enjoyed nomination for the Digital Magazine Awards. The magazine uses video, animation, audio and slideshows alongside high-quality journalism to report on sport, travel and gastronomy in Panama. The result is a fascinating read that’s sure to make you want to book a flight!

Download PerroVerde on iOS and Android.


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