Ultimate Responsiveness with the Aquafadas Next Gen Reader

The Ave-Mag Reader has been transformed. Now for an even sharper UX for your readers, discover the elegant Next Gen Reader from Version 3.4 of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.


The Next Gen Reader gives you the power to display your content in a more responsive and fluid manner. By integrating this new functionality into your publications, you can expect digital applications to be enhanced with greater:


Designed to react instantly to gestures, the Next Gen Reader pre-downloads pages so the final user can navigate through without any delay in either direction.


Based on iOS UI ScrollView, for polished management of the display and manipulation of content in an app, the Next Gen Reader expands on this to easily handle complex layouts of modern mags, while at the same time keeping the fluid scroll and deceleration effects that we are fond of in Apple’s Apps.


View the graceful sliding motion when turning a page in your app or admire the beautiful parallax effects. Progressive Scroll, compared to the previous Swipe movement, gives complete control of the transition between two pages.


How to upgrade your app

Create, test and enjoy your digital publications by transforming to the Next Gen Reader.

Create an AVE-mag with the new transitions by simply opening the InDesign Project Manager panel, choosing Project Settings then AVE, and checking the box “Allow next generation reader”.

Test your file in Aquafadas Viewer by opening the Information panel of your file, click Edit then select “Next Gen”. Switch from the former reader to the new to instantly test your AVE-mag exactly how it will appear when published.

Enjoy the power of the Next Gen Reader by upgrading your applications with the new templates from AppFactory (by modifying to the new reader in settings).

And check out the new page transition effects that can enhance the UX of your apps!

Transition Effects

Page Transition Effects

The Next Gen Reader is just one of the many updates of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System V3.4. Click here to discover more features or get started now! (link to V3.4 blog)

Please Note…

The Next Gen Reader manages the transition between pages in a completely different manner. Be aware of the following modifications :

  • Some page transition effects are no longer supported : Page Curl, Page Curl Reverse, and Flip.
  • Behavior for the “Go to Page” function has changed: the final user no longer arrives directly on the page selected, but will automatically scroll through previous pages first.
  • Sound linked to a page transition is no longer supported due to the final user having control over the duration of the page transition.
  • The launch of an activity when a page is displayed is impacted by the new reader.
  • Auto-play will be only launched when the page is displayed completely. For example, if the background is a video with auto-play, the video will only play when the page fits the screen and will appear empty during the transition (as the video would not yet have started). To avoid this, it is important to have substitution images. This restriction also affects Webviews.
  • The Next Gen Reader also supports right to left navigation (conceived for Japanese publications amongst others)
  • What about Android? Android reader is already using a progressive scroll to navigate through the pages.