Calling all Androids: Unveiling Latest Updates! [myKiosk]



The latest version of the Aquafadas myKiosk 1.1.4 app is now available to download on Google Play Store and the Amazon Store for Android.

Test your own applications or eBooks before publishing.

Now it’s even easier to make sure your content will run smoothly and seamlessly for your readers.


The new and improved version of myKiosk will allow you to test:

  • the Draw and premium Draw enrichments
  • the Drag & Drop enrichment (does not include path-tracking)
  • the new Maze Collider enrichment
  • the premium Physics enrichment
  • different display modes for the pages of magazines
  • the format of PDFs via previews
  • optimal display rendering for AVE-PDFs

There’s more! Further updates include a new template for ElegantKiosk, which is now compatible with progressive downloading. Readers will be able to open and start enjoying your app before it’s been fully downloaded.


Download myKiosk 1.1.4 for Android now!


Coming soon!

The Multi-Title template will soon be available for Android…keep an eye out for more updates. Subscribe to the newsletter NOW

  • Bennet Holmes

    I’d love to see some examples of how this is being used, anyone got any great examples?